Plurasol Okklupro paper is a high-quality occlusion spray ( spray articulation paper ) for marking contact points and fitting accuracy of prosthetic works in the dental office and prosthetic laboratory. It is a color indicator of occlusal points on crowns and bridges.

It completely dissolves in water, is not brittle, adheres to metal, ceramics, plaster and plastics. The product is easily washable and the dispenser is extremely convenient thanks to the presence of two nozzles and targeted spraying. Plurasol Okklupro spray paper is not harmful to the ozone layer, and thus environmentally friendly.

One package contains 75 ml of spray.


- marking of contact points

- precise adjustment of prosthetic works in dental offices and prosthetic laboratory


- targeted spraying

- accurate dosing thanks to two nozzles

- does not crumble

- is completely soluble in water

- it is easy to wash off

- adhering to metal, ceramics, plaster and plastics

- environmentally friendly

- compressed gas mixture

- it is not harmful to the ozone layer

Available colors of Kalka Plurasol Okklupro spray:

- red

- green

Plurasol Okklupro spray is available in a 75 ml package in green or red.

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