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The Purevac HVE system is a system that provides greater protection for the clinician and patient against aerosol. In a research study, HVE removed 90% more aerosols during ultrasonic scaling compared to a low volume saliva ejector. The Purevac HVE system is a system that creates an environment with fewer potentially harmful aerosols. HVE tips with an integrated rhodium-plated mirror allow the drainage of liquids, good visibility of the treatment area and absorption of aerosols. Purevac is a high-performance mammal with a mirror all in one instrument. The mirror has been designed to provide indirect vision and lighting of the workplace.


- Purevac system provides better aerosol absorption during dental procedures

- greater volume of drained fluid

- rounded and smooth edges

- reusable

- the possibility of autoclaving up to 100 cycles

- better visibility

- reduced noise

- one system supporting many procedures

- inlet ports for continuous suction

- connection to the Purevac HVE sleeve adapter or directly to the 16 mm valve

HVE High Performance Suction Suction Unit with Mirror in One Instrument Provides:

- increased treatment efficiency - better visibility, anti-fog mirror with a system of continuous fluid and residue suction,

- larger volume of fluid discharged - 135% more than in the case of a mammal with low efficiency,

- less noise - 14% less than the standard HVE tip, 5% less than the low-capacity saliva ejector

The package includes: 1 x Purevac - suction with a mirror 3 pcs.

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