Rinse liquid for root canals.

CHLORAXID 5,25% EXTRA is a breakthrough solution for rinsing root canals. Its innovation results from the content of surfactants, which effectively increase the properties of the solution in three dimensions:

    Reduced surface tension of the solution, thanks to which CHLORAXID EXTRA perfectly penetrates and penetrates narrow tooth canals, removing the organic part of the smear layer.
    The longer-lasting concentration of active chlorine in the CHLORAXID EXTRA product ensures its excellent properties throughout its useful life. The unique composition of the solution guarantees the right concentration of active substances, even at an elevated temperature, which makes it an ideal fluid for working with ultrasounds.
    The synergy of action of all CHLORAXID EXTRA ingredients causes the prolonged action of the preparation in the root canal, thanks to which there is an immediate and complete breakdown of organic substances.

Features and Benefits:

  • During mechanical canal widening, it removes dead pulp debris
  • Cleans the canal, including removing the smear layer to expose the dentinal tubule orifices before filling the canal
  • It prevents tooth discoloration that could occur after filling the non-rinsed canal


  • Sodium hypochlorite (active chlorine content 5,25%), water of pharmacopoeial purity, surfactants

Packaging: 200g bottle, adapter with a screw cap, labeled dispenser

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