System Direct Veneer.

The Direct Veneer system is a modern and non-invasive solution in cosmetic dentistry. For the first time in the history of dentistry, it was possible to work directly with veneers made of a patented nanohybrid composite.

The anatomical shape of the veneer, laser-made from a nanohybrid composite, allows for direct reconstruction of single or complex sections of anterior teeth with full aesthetics and functionality of the reconstruction. You can accurately reproduce the natural shape while maintaining the youthful luminance of the tooth with just one visit to the office. The versatility of the system as well as the time saving of the entire procedure make it a good investment in the future and the patient's well-being.

After studying all the shapes of the teeth as well as any deviations in the size of the natural anatomy of the teeth, the universal shapes of the Direct Veneer system for the upper and lower arch were developed.

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