Are you looking for a simple solution to give character to your everyday aesthetic creations?

Then OPTIGLAZE Color will impress you as it adds color, gloss to the surface and provides high wear resistance to all your restorations.

Ready to use, easy to process and cut at the polishing stage, this product will save you valuable time.

You can choose from a wide range of colors, both for interior and exterior characterization, leading to perfect aesthetics.

The renowned nano-filler technology ensures high abrasion resistance, long-lasting shine and high resistance to discoloration.

The versatility of the color OPTIGLAZE will impress you as it adds color, gloss to the surface and high abrasion resistance to all:

  • Composite crowns and bridges
  • Temporary resin crowns and bridges
  • Ceramic hybrid crowns
  • Prostheses on implants
  • Acrylic bridges for permanent implants
  • Artificial teeth

Features and Benefits:
The color OPTIGLAZE incorporates the well-known GC nano-filler technology and is distinguished by the following features and benefits:

  • Save time
    - Ready to use
    - Light-cured interrupts the polishing step
    - Easy operation and application
  • Perfect aesthetics
    - A wide range of colors available
    - Long-lasting shine
    - A thin layer of coating (25-50 μm)
  • Permanent results
    - High wear resistance
    - Excellent bond strength to a wide range of polymer-based materials
    - High resistance to discoloration

15 bottles 2,6ml (A plus, B plus, C plus, white, ivory, yellow, orange, pink orange, red brown, olive, gray, blue, lavender, pink, red)
2 bottles of 5ml (clear, clear HV)
1 mixing cup
1 flat brush
1 round brush

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