Politip is a high-quality two-step system for high-gloss polishing of composite and amalgam fillings.

Astropol rubbers are available in 3 shapes: flame, goblet cup, small goblet.

Politip rubbers contain silicone rubber, silicone rubber particles and titanium oxide. The holders are made of stainless steel.


  • The Politip system is indicated for the preparation and polishing of composite and amalgam fillings.


  • If you are allergic to the ingredients of the erasers, you should not use them.

Application method:

- Stage 1: Development of filling with Politip-F rubber bands (gray)
Politip-F (finisher) rubbers are designed to remove excess material and pre-smooth the surface.

- Stage 2: Polishing with Politip-P rubbers (green)
Politip-P (polishing) rubbers are designed for smoothing surfaces and polishing the surfaces of fillings to a high gloss.

The fillings should be processed and polished with an average pressure of approx. 2N, using water cooling. The water jet helps remove polishing debris.

Package: 1pcs. selected color and shape

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