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    ProTaper Next / 3 pcs.
    ProTaper Next / 3 pcs.

PROTAPER NEXT™ is the successor to the PROTAPER® UNIVERSAL system, which has remained the gold standard in endodontics for many years.
This is an effective solution for endodontists who need a versatile and flexible system that is suitable for the vast majority of root canal treatment cases.

... also for use in more difficult clinical cases
The unique rocking movement and greater flexibility of PROTAPER NEXT™ files enable the preparation of more curved
narrower channels than most NiTi systems currently available on the market.

... ensures greater safety
The risk of file breakage is significantly reduced, while better maintaining the original anatomical structure
root canal. The safety of tools and patients is crucial for proper endodontic treatment.

... shortens preparation time
A shortened clinical sequence means less time spent changing tools. High cutting efficiency also shortens preparation time. This valuable time can be used by
dentist for other procedures, such as rinsing.


Rocking effect
The innovative rectangular, eccentric cross-section of the PROTAPER NEXT™ tools ensures a "rocking", creeping movement of the file in the root canal. Eccentric rotation provides more space for the clippings to be removed. The "rocking effect" also influences the optimal following of the curvature of the canal.

The NiTi material from which M-WIRE® files are made provides greater flexibility while maintaining cutting performance. This effect is achieved as a result of the use of advanced,
Dentsply's proprietary thermal action process. The NiTi alloy in M-WIRE® files also provides increased
resistance to cyclic material fatigue, which is the main cause of file breakage.

PROTAPER NEXT™ is a complete solution covering all stages of endodontic treatment.

Available lengths: 21, 25, 31 mm.

Available sizes: X1, X2, X3, X4, X5.

Available packaging: blister of 3 pcs.

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