Gradia Direct is a universal, light-cured, microparticle hybrid composite intended for aesthetic fillings. The material is available in Anterior (anterior) and Posterior (posterior) versions, which makes it easy to create invisible fillings that are almost perfectly close to the natural appearance of the teeth in terms of color balance, saturation, brightness and translucency ("chameleon effect"). Gradia Direct is also available in special internal and external shades, used in the case of extensive cavities requiring filling with the multi-shade technique. Such a color system ensures perfect results when working with both single and multi-layer techniques.

Gradia Direct Anterior It is characterized by high aesthetics (perfect adaptation to the surrounding tissues) and smooth surface of the filling (ease and speed of polishing). Application: class III, IV, V cavities, wedge cavities, veneering, diastema closure.

Syringe contents: 2.7 ml (4 g) for the Anterior version and 2.7 ml (4.7 g) for the Posterior version.


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