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Elite HD+ is an impression material belonging to the group of silicone addition materials. It allows for a very accurate mapping of the prosthetic field - it has over 99% material memory. It is perfect as the first phase in a two-phase one- or two-time impression. It is resistant to distortion and temperature. It has the ability to flow into hard-to-reach places and is resistant to tearing. The mass ensures a long working time while maintaining a fast setting time ("snap-set" effect). The final hardness is 60 Shore degrees. The great advantage of the product is the convenient manual mixing, thanks to which it does not require the use of a special mixer.

How to use: First, use the measuring cup to take the material from two containers (the color of the measuring cup matches the color of the container). Mix the two masses together to obtain a uniform color and consistency. Put the mass on the impression tray and insert it into the patient's mouth.


- resistance to temperature and distortion,

- high breaking strength,

- perfect flow,

- hydrophobicity,

- "snap-set" effect - long working time with short setting time,

- 3 years warranty.

Important note:

Contact with latex gloves may prevent polysiloxanes from bonding. Avoid direct or indirect contact with latex gloves.

Instead, wash your hands well to eliminate all traces of contamination, or use vinyl gloves.

The package contains:

- 2 x base (450 + 450 ml)

- 2 x catalyst (450 + 450 ml)

- 2 x special measuring cup

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