Oxasil is a new hand-mixing impression material developed by the makers of Optosil / Xantopren. It ensures the performance and reliability of the impression material for manual mixing and also stands out from the competition with a very effective base and activator system.

Oxasil is a silicone impression material with a condensation bonding method, the base for making precise and functional impressions.

The active system behaves optimally and works fastest when using oxasil base and activating paste. Results with other base pastes are not guaranteed.


- in the technique of two-time impression
- in 'sandwichtechnics'
- for taking impressions of the periphery of the denture

Used for standard indications and special cases (e.g. relining of removable dentures, functional impressions, occlusion checking, impressions for temporary work)

Features and Benefits:

- easy to mix
- high mixing efficiency
- the course of the bonding process as in the case of A-silicones
- quick bonding in the mouth
- economical
- a noticeable increase in viscosity after mixing, while maintaining fluidity (touch control of mixing)
- ideal working characteristics
- fresh mint flavor

Packaging: 60ml

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