Alcoholic liquid preparation for hygienic and surgical hand disinfection and skin disinfection.

  • broad biocidal spectrum in 1 min.
  • addition of moisturizing substances
  • does not contain dyes and allergenic substances

Features and Benefits:

  • preparation based on ethanol
  • exhibits a broad biocidal spectrum: bactericidal, tuberculosis-killing, yeasticidal, virucidal (Polio, Adeno, Noro) confirmed by tests
  • hygienic disinfection time was determined according to the EN 1500 methodology
  • surgical disinfection time and prolonged action were determined according to the EN 12791 methodology
  • dedicated to disinfecting the skin before injections, punctures, surgeries and other treatments that violate the continuity of tissues
  • addition of lactic acid derivatives and glycerol protects the skin from drying out
  • dedicated to allergic and very sensitive skin
  • a disinfecting preparation that guarantees the highest hygiene and quality standards

Chemical composition:

ethanol - 79,9% (799 mg/g), moisturizing substances, fragrances, water

Biocidal effectiveness:

The preparation shows the effect confirmed by tests: bactericidal, killer against tuberculosis, yeasticidal - 30 sec. and virucidal (Polio - 1 min., Adeno, Noro - 30 sec.). Additional action against viruses: HIV, HBV, HCV (BVDV), Corona (Vaccinia), A H1N1 - 30 sec., Rota - 30 sec.

Instructions for use:

  • The preparation is ready to use. Do not dilute!
  • The liquid should be applied to dry, clean and healthy hands. Do not rinse
  • Hygienic hand disinfection - according to the EN 1500 technique: rub 3ml of AHD 1000 into the skin of hands for 30 seconds.
  • Surgical disinfection of hands and forearms - in accordance with the technique of EN 12791: rub 5ml of AHD 1000 into the skin of hands and forearms for at least 1.5 minutes.
  • Disinfection of the skin before treatments: poor in sebaceous glands - at least 15 seconds, rich in sebaceous glands - at least 1 min

Packaging: 700ml bag

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