Bioactive material for cold filling of root canals. Gutta Flow is not only filling the canal, but also healing and regeneration.

Features and Benefits:

- in contact with liquids, the material provides natural repair ingredients such as calcium and silicates
- leads to a higher pH, which additionally supports regeneration in the root canal
- after curing, the new GuttaFlow biological seal forms hydroxyapatite crystals on the surface
- crystals significantly improve adhesion and also stimulate natural triggers, especially regeneration of bone tissue and dentin
- working time up to 15 minutes
- material visible on X-ray photos

As with the proven GuttaFlow 2 system, GuttaFlow Bioseal combines a liquid gutta-percha with a suitable sealant at room temperature.

Packaging: 5ml syringe, mixing pad, 12 applicators

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