Glass-ionomer restorative preparation ensuring a real aesthetic effect.


  • Stress-free surfaces
    Class I and II restorations
  • Class III restorations
  • Cervical cavities restorations (class V)
    - Treatment of cervical erosion
    - Treatment of abraction losses
    - Restoration of the root surfaces
  • Milk teeth restorations
  • Crown core reconstruction
  • Temporary fillings
  • Base / dentin restoration
  • Use with composites (panel treatment)

Features and Benefits:

  • Perfect aesthetics
    The translucency of Riva Light Cure ensures maximum aesthetics, making the restoration look natural thanks to the chameleon effect. "Riva Light Cure is the most translucent formulation of the tested resin-modified glass ionomer formulations." Riva Light Cure is a perfect enamel imitation.
  • Long abrasion resistance
    The surface hardness of resin-cured glass ionomer cements means good long-term abrasion resistance. The higher the surface hardness, the higher the resistance to permanent surface indentation.
  • Highest color stability
    Riva Light Cure has excellent resistance to common stains such as black tea and red wine. Riva Light Cure absorbs roughly half of the dyes in these tannin-rich products.
  • High bending strength
    Limits cracking and damage due to bending loads. Riva Light Cure has excellent flexural strength.

Available colors: A2, A3

Packaging: 45 capsules

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