Coxo CA-1 aluminum oxide abrasive sandblaster with a rotating tip that allows access to all cavity surfaces.


- perfectly balanced

- easy installation (for Midwest-4 connector)

- made of high-quality stainless steel

- can be sterilized by any method (max. 135ºC/275F)

Set includes: CA-1 sandblaster + rotating nozzle + 2 pieces of powder containers


- creating microretentions on the treated surfaces, e.g. when repairing ceramic works, when covering bare metal

- preparation of ceramic restorations before cementation

- preparation of crown-root inlays made of glass fibre

- preparation of the tooth canal before adhesive procedures

- preparation of orthodontic bands

- removing old fillings before refilling

- matching refurbished metal castings (mismatched spots become visible)

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