HYGENIC rubber dam clamps - without wings - 1 pc

Wingless buckles are smooth at the jaws. This type of clamp is first placed on the tooth and then a rubber dam is stretched around it.

They are marked with the letter W preceding the number.

Made of high-quality stainless steel for greater durability.

Use of the buckles:

#212 Anterior Brace

#W00 general brace for minor bicuspids or incisors

#W2 general brace for larger bicuspid, mandibular teeth

#W2A general brace for bicuspid teeth

#W3 clamp for mandibular small molars

#W7 universal clamp for mandibular molars

#W8 universal clamp for maxillary molars

#W8A Brace for partially erupted or small molars

#W9 universal double arch clamp for anterior teeth

#W14 Brace for partially erupted or medium molars

#W14A Brace for partially erupted or large molars

#W56 Brace for small upper molars

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