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HYGENIC rubber dam clamps - with wings - 1 pc

Wing buckles have tabs on the jaws.

These protrusions, or wings, are first inserted into the hole in the rubber dam and then the rubber dam with the clamp applied is placed over the tooth.

Buckles with wings are designed to provide additional rubber dam retraction. The operator can connect the clamp and the frame with the rubber dam and put everything on the tooth at the same time.

Made of high-quality stainless steel for greater durability.

Application of individual buckle sizes:

#00 general brace for bicuspid or incisor teeth

#1 brace for upper canines

#2 general brace for larger bicuspid and mandibular teeth

#2A general brace for bicuspid teeth

#3 clamp for mandibular small molars

#4 brace for small upper molars

#7 universal clamp for mandibular molars

#8 universal clamp for maxillary molars

#8A Brace for partially erupted or small molars

#9 universal double arch brace for anterior teeth

#12A Brace for lower right and upper left molars

#13A Brace for lower left and right upper molars

#14 Brace for partially erupted or medium molars

#14A Brace for partially erupted or large molars

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