Three-dimensional cofferdam.

OptiDam is the first three-dimensional cofferdam equipped with protrusions to facilitate its insertion. The cofferdam with a special anatomical frame perfectly adapts to the shape of the oral cavity, ensuring perfect visibility and access to the treatment area. And all this while ensuring maximum comfort for patients.

It puts on quickly and is almost imperceptible to patients!

Extremely easy and efficient to use:

  • guarantees the cleanliness and dryness of the treatment area - enabling the safe conduct of treatments;
  • isolates all soft tissues: the patient's tongue, cheeks, mouth and gums are not an obstacle during the procedures;
  • provides optimal protection for staff and patients: protects patients against accidental ingestion or aspiration of water and contaminants. It protects the doctor and staff, reducing the risk of cross-contamination.

Package: 10 Anterior cofferdam and anatomical frame

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