AGATOS S is intended primarily for cementing crowns, bridges and crown-root inlays as well as for thin- and thick-layer foundations.

It can also be used to fill root canals, especially when preparing a tooth for root apex resection. The cement seals the apical foramen of the tooth root tightly. When filling root canals, remember that the cement is very hard and will be difficult to remove if necessary.

Technical and medical data: the product meets the requirements of EN ISO 9917-1

AGATOS S quick-setting phosphate cement is a preparation consisting of a powder and a liquid placed in a single unit package. The main component of the powder is zinc oxide, and the main component of the liquid is orthophosphoric acid, which, when mixed together in appropriate proportions, form basic zinc phosphate.

AGATOS S earns very well, after binding it shows high compressive strength and resistance to the eroding action of water, saliva and food compounds. It is characterized by a short setting time and low shrinkage, as well as good adhesion and relative harmlessness to the surrounding tissues. The compressive strength of the set cement is min. 50 MPa.

The unit package contains:

- powder container (30 g) marked with the color number, respectively:

No. 2 - yellowish white color,

No. 3 - yellowish color,

- a container with liquid (18 g) equipped with a dropper,

- a plastic spoon for collecting the powder.

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