Blunt needles for washing.

Blunt needles with side washing opening:

  • root canals
  • gingival pockets

Features and Benefits:

  • The unsharp, rounded tip of the needle guarantees safety of use and reduces the risk of accidental tissue damage

  • Properly selected size and position of the side opening:
    - eliminate the possibility of the rinsing fluid being pushed beyond the apex opening
    - they force turbulent fluid flow in the channel, ensuring perfect cleaning
    - they disperse the outflowing fluid stream, thanks to which a relatively large surface is wetted

  • Flexibility and resistance to multiple bending, thanks to which:
    - they can be adapted to the curved root canals
    - they allow rinsing of the gingival pockets located in hard-to-reach places in the patient's mouth

Dimension: 0,3 x 25

Packaging: 100pcs.

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